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I’m Rachel Joy!

Entrepreneur, Fitness Coach, Influencer, Published Model

A Cuban/Italian girl living in the heart of Miami with my dog, Chanel.

Below is a little bit of my story on how I turned fitness from a hobby into a passion.


Growing up in a very athletic family, I was constantly active. Everything in our house somehow always turned into a game or type of competition (I guess that's what happens when you have four siblings). 


I was a dancer and competitive cheerleader throughout my youth. Freshman year of college, things began going downhill. I partied and drank every night and consistently ate junk food. From this, I was continuously tired and sick. Due to my ectomorph body type, it is extremely hard for me to gain weight. Since childhood, I have battled with body image insecurities from people saying I was too skinny and to, “Go eat a burger!”  


I realize everyone has their own body image challenges. Mine was gaining weight and putting on muscle. I always dreamed of having curves and a booty!! Doesn’t every girl?


The real start of my fitness journey began when I decided to take on a transformation challenge. This included a strict diet and, for the first time in my life, weight training!


I began focusing on making my body healthy both in and out of the gym. After months of strict workouts and healthy eating, I saw changes in my body that I never thought were possible! My reaction? “Whoaaaaa new body, who dis??”


My stomach finally showed abs and I began building muscle mass in all the right places. I became stronger, more confident, and happier. 


Both men and women started reaching out, asking how I  transformed my body and what I was eating. It then dawned on me, I have the ability to inspire and help others while doing what I love! This was my turning point to make fitness a lifestyle. 


Throughout the years, I discovered the only way to achieve actual results is through hard work, overcoming obstacles, and staying committed. You cannot give up. Nothing about this journey has been easy. Only through failures did I learn how to make changes and attain my goals. 


Now, I am finally blessed with the opportunity to motivate and help all of YOU with your goals! 


Inspiring others to get in shape, become healthier, and live a longer life through taking care of their body is one of the best feelings in the world. I am thrilled to welcome all of you on this journey with me! 

As they say in High School Musical, "We’re all in this together"!

Why I created RJ Bands


I designed the Rachel Joy resistance bands to create the perfect fitness accessory for ALL body shapes and sizes that you can bring EVERYWHERE!

With your RJ bands, you can easily pack them for the gym, beach or even while traveling.They will challenge your workouts by providing constant resistance to your muscles increasing the contraction which gives you better results (and a better booty!) 


I started using resistance bands a few years ago, but had many problems when they’d roll up and snap easily. No bueno!

I then decided to customize my own fabric resistance bands. This was so important for me to finally be able to get the full benefit of my workouts by using bands that are much more durable and effective (bands that won’t break!). 


Whether you are using them for workouts, sports, stretching, injury rehab ,weight loss, booty building, or physical therapy.. the RachelJoy bands will enhance training, tone muscles and build better curves! 

From Party Girl to Fitness Model
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