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  • How long does my order take to ship out?
    Your bands will be shipped out as quickly as possible. Please allow 5-7 business days (but many customers receive them even quicker, yay!). If there are any longer delays, please email (the email?)
  • How can I wash my resistance bands?
    You can hand or machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water and lay them out to dry. Do not bleach.
  • My silicone printed logo ripped a little? Is that normal?
    Yes. The silicone label will rip slightly with use.
  • What resistance should I purchase?
    I suggest beginners always start out with my light resistance, but you can use either resistance! It depends on what you're using the band for and your fitness level.
  • How many resistance do you offer?
    • Light small band • Light long band • Medium/heavy small band • Medium/heavy long band I suggest purchasing a light bundle or medium/heavy bundle so that you can get the full benefits of a full body workout with my exercise guide that comes with it!
  • Is there a rubber grip interior on the inside?
    Yes. There are 2 strips of rubber in the inside to prevent slipping and rolling.
  • What are your long bands used for?
    Long bands are so versatile, and perfect for home and gym workouts. You can check out the different uses in my bundle package (Over 100 exercises!) and on my Instagram @racheljoyfit for video examples.
  • Will the bands roll up, pinch me or break?"
    No, I designed my fabric resistance bands for this common problem many people have had using rubber resistance bands. These are designed to be very durable and more comfortable. They are guaranteed to not break If used properly and they won’t roll up or hurt your skin.
  • Do I have to be young and fit to use these bands?
    Absolutely not! My resistance bands are for any age and anyone who desires to get in shape (from anywhere!).
  • Can I return or exchange my items?
    We have a 3 day return policy. If you notice anything wrong or you are not completely satisfied with your bands, please contact customer service at so they can help you.
  • I just purchased the bundle, but where is the workout guide that comes with it?"
    Once you receive your package in the mail, you’ll get a card with your special code on it. Just follow the instructions and you’ll get access to all my exercises!
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