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I’m Rachel Joy!

Entrepreneur, Fitness Coach, Influencer, Published Model

A Cuban/Italian girl living in the heart of Miami with her dog, Chanel.

Below is a little bit of my story on how I turned fitness from a hobby into a passion.


Growing up in a very athletic family, I was constantly active. Everything in our house somehow always turned into a game or type of competition (I guess that's what happens when you have four siblings). 


I was a dancer and competitive cheerleader throughout my youth. Freshman year of college, things began going downhill. I partied and drank every night and consistently ate junk food. From this, I was continuously tired and sick. Due to my ectomorph body type, it is extremely hard for me to gain weight. Since childhood, I have battled with body image insecurities from people saying I was too skinny and to, “Go eat a burger!”  


I realize everyone has their own body image challenges. Mine was gaining weight and putting on muscle. I always dreamed of having curves and a booty!! Doesn’t every girl?


Let’s make this official and become friends! 


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I want to see you taking your fitness to another level and CRUSH IT

with your new resistance bands.




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